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TROT Medi-Care Products vis-à-vis Medi-Insurance Policies
(Includes TROT Healthcare Sponsorship Units)

Medical Insurance Policies

Healthcare insurance policies are offered by insurance companies all over the world

TROT Medi-Care products do not compare with such insurance products

The insurance product supports you in case of medical emergencies by funding its cost against a premium paid today. It :

Covers certain medical procedures
Occurring before a specified date
Subject to certain costs with limitations
Covers specified ailments or procedures subject to declared medical history
Reimburses the expenses – you may have to pay before
Covers a wide range of hospitals locally and even when abroad
Compulsory in many countries

TROT Medi-Care Products are not substitute for the medical Insurance but complimentary to it

However, it scores over medical insurance policies, viz. :

No exclusion of any medical procedure - rejuvenation, cosmetic, ….
Any time in future – no period limitation
No loss of ‘Premium’ – It’s an investment – you can sell it for profit
All costs of a procedure covered – no limitations or disallowances
You sponsor any person – from your family or a friend or even a stranger
Credit facility to pay the pre-fixed charges for TROT Card holders
Many hospitals, health resorts to be covered soon – aspiring for a global reach

TROT Medi-care Products for your healthcare as well as your investment

It is expenditure only when utilized

For your healthy & wealthy future

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