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TROT for Judicious Philanthropy

TROT Healthcare Sponsorship Units for

Your philanthropy to provide healthcare to needy

Dependable TROT Healthcare database

Due diligence of each of the institute by reputed professionals
Ranking of the hospital facilities by accredited agencies
‘Social Contribution & Financial Needs factor ‘ awarded to each of the institute
Total transparency in disclosers and transactions

Our global database of the hospitals to help you provide healthcare to the needy through a dependable hsopiatly

Your Selection for Philanthropy

It is always difficult to identify the needy and the target hospital for philanthropy. Our soon to be launched database will help you decide. You may select on-line based on any of the criteria :

Types of medical treatment
Patient criteria
Social group
Country, region

You may also donate for a particular department or activity of the hospital

Video conferencing to chat with the promoters of the institutes

Make donation to the right person from the comfort of your home

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