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About Us
TROT is a private trust established by Jayant Tidke, developer of the various innovative TROT products and the enabling system. He holds IPRs for the same. His 32 years of Chartered Accountancy professional experience has helped perfecting the product and the system.

TROT e-trade platform is a multi-currency secured global platform for trading in the various specially designed innovative TROT products viz.
Realty projects
Power generation companies
Educational institutes
Star hotels

All the products provides long term hedge benefits with good returns, liquidity & investor safety. It also provides verified and dependable project details The products and the enabling system is patented and its IPRs are exclusively licenced.

Being a platform it does not collect any deposits or sale any of its own TROT Power products. It only facilitates your holdings, trading in or utilizing the TROT product holdings.

The platform is a result of tireless efforts of highly qualified and experienced team of professionals including IT engineers, legal experts, domain experts and chartered accountants.

The innovative freely tradable TROT product offers long term hedge benefits while assuring any-time liquidity to its holder while helps the selling companies to build on the capacities at reasonable cost, very comfortable cash flow and lesser marketing risks, thus, almost eliminating the forced sale scenarios. These features ensures first preference for the investors as well as the companies for selling their own TROT products.

The people

TROT Governing body consisting of well known personalities from the domain sectors viz. realty, power, education & hospitality, IT, law and finance is being formed to ensure protection of the interests of TROT Power product holders through strict adherence to the declared business rules.

Chairman, Governing Body

Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, Ph. D., Chairman; TROT Realty Governing Body, is an accomplished IT professional. He is also a renowned educationist. He is on various panels for evaluation of the educational policies and its monitoring. As a Vice- Chairman of the Indo-American Society, Mumbai, India, he is associated with various reputed organizations world-wide.

System Controller

Rohit Tidke, President - TROT Systems, is an Aerospace Engineer with Masters in Computer Science from Technical University of Munich, Germany. He is supported by a team of IT professionals to provide a dependable and transparent TROT e-
trading platform. With multiple specializations in IT field and innovative mind he would be as asset for the TROT e-trade platform.

System Advisor

Vishwas Paranjpe has over 35 years of experience in IT spanning hardware, systems, application software and product development with exposure to development and testing for medium to very large projects in Retail & Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Power Distribution, Healthcare, Oil & Petrochemicals, Railways, Defense and Manufacturing. He was on the IT related committees of L I C, IDBI, defense units and has worked for many large companies like IBM and CMC. He was consultant to establish a ‘Center of excellence’ for the world’s third largest stock exchange.
A strong, dedicated TROT Advisor network covering every city in India and abroad is being established to serve not only the contributors and the enlisted institutes but also the students in all possible manners at no or nominal charge.

We firmly believe that integrity with transparency is the only factor that can bring global acceptance of the various TROT products.
P r e s e n t a t i o n s   
      is a global e-trade platform for trading in the various TROT products of rated projects. It
does not sale its own TROT products or collect any deposits
  Copyrights @2013 TROT Realty holds under licence rights, title and interest “IPRs” including its background IP, copyrights, patents,   registered designs, trademarks together with any right or form of protection of a similar nature and having equivalent or similar effect to   any of them anywhere in the world. Terms of Service