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TROT Safety

TROT terms entail delivery obligations on the company or institute that has sold the TROT products.

It also provides for payment of compensation in case of delivery default or even in a scenario of potential default forcing the company to recall the products.

Many safety measures are built-in in the product structure itself in addition to many provisions ensuring against any default viz.

Project rating by CRISIL
Due Diligences by reputed professional firms
Floating Stock Obligation and Recall Bank Account
Threshold Stock Obligations
Pre-emptive Rights
Forced Recall Mechanism
TROT Advisor Network for project monitoring
Buy-back assurance supported by CGL insurance cover
Data security
TROT Transaction Confirmation Note
Payment Security

The most effective measure is the total transparency in TROT terms and TROT transactions. A TROT holder can easily view any document, report and avail TROT Analysis on every product on offer. Risk factors with comparative workings are provided to help you take an informed decision.

Project Rating by CRISIL

Rating from the most reputed rating company viz. CRISIL as to its rating in terms of the ‘Obligation Fulfillment Confidence Index’ is obtained in respect of every category of the TROT products proposed to be sold.

Such rating is issued only after detailed study of the various strengths and weaknesses of the company or the institute and its capabilities to successfully complete the project on schedule or manage the facilities as a pre-requisite for fulfillment of the delivery obligations.

Its financial strength, management style and credit history is also verified for ascertaining its long term capability to pay the TROT compensation in future.

Due Diligence by top professional firms

The projects, particularly realty projects, involve a lot of legal issues, approvals and technical feasibilities. We have retained the top professional firms in the respective fields to ensure dependable due diligence studies being conducted on each of the project or the company/institute. It covers :

Legal due diligence for certification of clear title and legal compliances

Financial due diligence to certify the present financial health
Technical due diligence certifying the technical feasibility and status of the various Government and local body approvals
Domain Marketing experts to certify the present value of the product, properties or services and justification of the TROT selling rates and the Pre-fixed rates.

All the due diligence reports can be viewed on-line.

Floating Stock Obligation and Recall Bank Account

The company/Institute is under TROT obligation maintain a minimum stock of the underlying product or service (Say, built-up areas for sale, Room-days or Hospital Bed-days or Seats for Educational Courses) for its delivery obligation.

In view of the changing needs and circumstances, every TROT product holder may not avail the ‘delivery’ in future. It would be impertinent to insist on 100% stock back-up, and hence, a scientifically estimated percentage of the capacity or the overall future availability (Say, no. of flats to be constructed) is termed as ‘Floating Stock’ level is worked out for each of the project. Any shortfall in it is compensated by deposit of the ‘compensation’ (The amount as required to be paid in case delivery default) in a dedicated bank account viz. ‘Recall Account’. The bank account balance including the accumulated interest is exclusively used for payment of the ‘compensation’ as and when required. The deposits are made on every transaction leading to the shortfall.

TROT system monitors such stock shortfalls continually and any default in deposit of the compensation leads to ‘Forced Recall’ of the products.

Threshold Stock Obligations

Threshold Stock obligation is imposed on the company/institute to ensure minimum availability of the stocks for sale on TROT terms to the product holders.

These stocks cannot be sold or disposed off or allotted other than to the respective TROT product holders. The stock ranges between 20% to 50% of the capacity or the total products or services of the project. This stock is part of the Floating Stock discussed above.

Threshold stock is in terms of :

TROT Realty Products :

Sq. ft. built-up area as % of the total built-up area of the project covered under TROT terms

TROT Hospitality Products :
No. of Room-Days to be reserved for booking/sale on TROT terms on year to year basis
TROT Medi-Care Products :
No. of medical procedures and hospital bed-days to be reserved for the TROT product holders
TROT Education Sponsorships :
No. of seats under each of the course of the institute covered under TROT terms
TROT Power products :
No stock feasible! The TROT product holder can consume the power any time in future and pay for it on TROT terms

Threshold stock requirement is to ensure that the hedge benefits are not lost for the TROT product holders and they can buy or avail the service at the fixed rate any time in future.

Pre-emptive Rights

Pre-emptive rights are provided in case of TROT Realty products. Thus, any flat or shop or office space is sold resulting into shortfall in the mandated level of the Floating Stock, the sale shall become subject to the pre-emptive rights of TROT Realty product holders. The necessary public notice to its effect is issued in respect of each of the realty project covered under the TROT terms. The realty project company shall provide a declaration that there is no shortfall in the Floating Stock in every agreement to sale any such project property on other than TROT terms.

The present Floating Stock level vis-à-vis the required floating stock level is displayed on-line all the time till its recall date. Our TROT Advisor shall assist you to claim your pre-emptive rights without any charge. The claim may be converted into monetary claim at your choice. It shall then be based on market value as on the relevant date of any other comparable property.

Pre-emptive rights are also provided in case of TROT Hospitality products but in terms of claiming of the compensation. The compensation per TROT Hospitality Product is the current room rate or 150% the pre-fixed room rate amount, whichever is higher.

Forced Recall Mechanism

Forced Recall mechanism is automatically triggered by the system In case of :

Delivery default in spite of availability of the stocks, or
Shortfall in the stocks without correspondence amount deposits in the Recall Bank Account, or
Shortfall in the Threshold Stock level

Subject to one-month notice period to correct the default, it results into Recall of all the TROT Products sold the company for immediate payment of the compensation on account of the deemed recall due to ‘potential default’ condition.

These stringent provisions are incorporated to dissuade any company from defaulting on its TROT obligations.  The immediate payment obligations would lead to its recovery through the due legal process. The legal process would be undertaken by TROT Trading Co. at its cost.

You are protected and saved from any legal hassle as TROT Trading Co. would buy your TROT product holdings. (Please view ‘Buy-back assurance supported by CGL insurance cover’).

TROT Advisor Network for project monitoring

Every project is subject to close monitoring of its status and Floating Stock level by well qualified and trained TROT Advisors situated in every major city. TROT Advisor reports on the respective project or company/Institution will be regularly updated on the website for its view by the TROT Product holder on-line.

TROT Advisors are also mandated to assist TROT product holders for claiming delivery or compensation. Contact details of TROT Advisors would be placed on the website for its easy access. You may contact TROT Advisor near you In case your TROT Agent is unable to provide the required assistance.

Buy-back assurance supported by CGL insurance Cover

We do accept that in spite of the best care and diligence, a default can occur.

All TROT Products (Excluding TROT Educational Sponsorship Units and TROT Medi-care Sponsorship Units) are necessarily first purchased from the respective company by TROT Trading Co. under a TROT Product Purchase Agreement. The products are offered for its resale through TROT e-Trade Platform to you.

TROT Trading Co. provide you an assurance of proper due diligence. As a part of its assurance, it offers to buy back any number of products on its Recall or Forced Recall at a price equal to the compensation amount payable in respect of such TROT products. The purchase value shall be paid within a period of three months.

A comprehensive Contractual General Liability insurance covering losses incurred by the TROT Trading Company on account of any default by the company in payment of the compensation payable in respect of the TROT products surrendered to its for payment of the compensation will be availed.

It would be subject to an overall limit of 20% of the aggregate amount of the compensation in respect of all the TROT Products earlier sold by TROT Trading Co. and remaining outstanding un-utilized. Hence, the buy-back obligation is also subject to the same limitation. Default cases are most unlikely to exceed that limit.

To illustrate,

Aggregate value of all the TROT Products sold : Rs. 1,000 crores
CGL Insurance cover limit @ 20% : Rs. 200 crores

Any claim for loss on default by any of the companies to be paid by the insurance company provided the aggregate claims do not exceed Rs. 200 crores.

In other words, TROT Trading Co. would be unable to buy your TROT products if more than 20% of the total projects or the companies/ institutions fail.
Subject to the claims of the insurance company, the amounts recovered through the legal process or otherwise paid by such defaulting company will be credited to a Default Fund Account.
Any TROT product holder can view the insurance policy terms and its validity period on-line.


A retired High Court Judge would function as Ombudsman to resolve any dispute or claim relating to any TROT product.

TROT Product holder can approach the Ombudsman with any complaint. His decision shall be binding on the concerned company, and TROT Trading Co.

Data Security

Every TROT Transaction data will be stored in data vault of a reputed Data Vault Service Company of international standard. It will ensure storage of data unedited data for any future references. Further, the ‘Cloud Services’ providing company ensures data security through its data management and security facilities including multi-location data storage systems.

TROT systems will be certified by recognized system auditors for every addition and alteration made. Its report along with the annual system audit report will be updated on the website for its on-line view by any TROT product holders.

TROT Transaction Confirmation Note

Every TROT Transaction including its purchase, sale, gift, and transaction in any TROT product will be evidenced by a TROT Transaction Confirmation Note. It may be saved as soft copy or in its print out form. The transaction reflected or written in the note shall be binding on the company that has sold the TROT products as well as on and TROT Trading Co. You may anytime ask for a separate confirmation from the concerned company for same.

Payment Security does not collect any payment from you. It is purely and simply a provider of a dependable and secured TROT e- Trade Platform.

Payment made by you for purchase of any TROT Product/s or for any other payment made under the TROT terms is reached to the concerned party through the payment gateway facilities specially designed in tie-up with a globally reputed banks. Once a payment is confirmed and recorded on the TROT Transaction Confirmation Note, the same is binding on the concerned parties and you are absolved of any payment default. We stand guarantee for the same.

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