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TROT Cards
A revolutionary value addition for you

We’ll be shortly introducing a revolutionary VALUE ADDITION for you in the form of TROT Cards in tie-up with many global banks to offer you unprecedented facility of ‘any-time-any-where’ liquidity for your TROT product holdings. TROT Card is a normal Debit Card of a bank but with special arrangement with certain banks for TROT credits.

TROT Product holders holding any TROT product will be offered a bank Debit card linked to your TROT Account with us besides your own bank account with the bank. You can utilize a part of the value of your TROT product holdings to meet your urgent money needs anywhere in the world. The Debit card will be linked to your TROT product stock value enabling you to automatically sell a part of it at the market rate to credit to your bank account on swapping of the card. You have option to rebuild your TROT product stocks. Our Market Maker support will provide you a ready buyer for a nominal charge. Many security measures have been build-in to safeguard your investment against any unauthorized TROT transaction.

This facility is offered to TROT product holders holding any TROT products of an aggregate value exceeding Rs. 1,00,000. No separate amount is charged for issue of the Debit card. In case you already have a debit Card of any of the specified bank, the same card can be converted into the card with the TROT facilities at your option.


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