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Domain Experts

Opportunities to offer your valued services on this global platform

We invite you to be part of our global pool of renowned experts and professionals. TROT platform needs expert level professionals from every city in many diverse fields viz.

Law firms
Chartered Accountants / Certified Public Accountants
Architectural firms
Hospital Consultants
Hospitality Consultants
Realty Market Consultant firms
Senior Power sector Advisors
Civil Structural Engineers
Insurance Consultants
Certified Realty valuers

You can register your name with your professional profile with us. No charges.

Your profile will be viewable to all the projects in real estate, education, healthcare, power and hospitality sectors all over the world. The companies and institutions registered on TROT platform for selling TROT products of their projects will directly contact you for your services. Our advanced sorting module will shortlist your name for the project depending on the geographical area, expertise required, work load and many other such considerations. The concerned project company/institute shall select a firm at its choice. The assignment shall be offered by us accordingly.

Your professional fees, subject to the ceiling prescribed from time to time, would be paid by the concerned project company/institute directly or by us at your option.

Professional integrity is our prime consideration. Long term success of TROT platform wholly depends on transparency and dependability of the data. Your registration as an authorized Service Provider/ Consultant shall be subject to its recommendation by our anchor consultant for the domain. Our anchor domain consultants are the top names in the respective sectors.


If you are a retired as a senior level executive from a reputed

Insurance company
Power generation, distribution or trading company
Regulatory authority for banking, insurance or power
A company having a chain of star hotels
A company having a chain of hospitals

We have interesting retainer offer waiting for you. We invite you to be part of global knowledge pool. Please email your resume to

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